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Welcome to East Grinstead TSC (incorporating Taylors Air Rifle and Pistol Club). If you're new to us please have a look around the "About Us" page to find out more about us and what we do.

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NSRA Scorers Course 18th November 2017

Mike Kettle will be running another course for prospective scorers. Further details are available on the training page. Anyone wishing to attend should contact Mike Kettle at least 2 weeks prior to the course as some pre-reading is required before attending the course.

  • 10 candidates
  • Pre-course information has been issued.

Winter Coaching Sessions

The club will be running coaching sessions throughout the winter on the first Saturday in the month. Dates are listed below.

Sessions will be in the afternoon and start after morning shooting has finished at about 1pm. Tea and coffee will be available but you will need to bring your own lunch. Sessions will last for about 3 hours and some of that time will be on a one-to-one basis. Content of each session will be based around individual needs so we can focus on the issues that you think need attention. Typically a session will include reviewing your overall position and technique, fitting your rifle and butt plate, and we will normally have at least one Scatt machine available.

Session cost is £10 per head for non-members.

First session on 7th October went well with several issues identified as follows:

  • Cheekpiece. If you have an adjustable cheekpiece, adjust it so your head is in the right position behind the rearsight. See also, zero point below.
  • Breathing. We all do it without thinking but doing it correctly as far as shooting is concerned takes practice. A very useful discussion was had on this topic.
  • Jacket. Get a proper shooting jacket. Good quality starter jackets are available for less than £100 (eg Gehmann Junior 409) and they really do make a huge difference to a new shooter.
  • Shooting Frames (Glasses). Need to be set up by a second person. Trying to do it yourself is extremely difficult.
  • Zero Point and Sights.
    • Rule #1 - Do not look through your sights until you are in position. Divert you gaze.
    • Build your position, head on cheekpiece, relaxed, you have breathed in and out a couple of times, and you're happy that you are in "your" position. Now look through your sights.
    • Rule #2 - See Rule #1
    • Rule #3 - Now do it again without looking through your sights until you get to the end of that sequence!
    • Another good discussion was had on this topic and the reasons for doing it.
    • See also Bert Bertoloni's arcticle on page 34-36 of the Autumn 2017 edition of On Target.
  • Shot Release. There were some interesting twitches spotted on the Scatt between the time the shooter decided that everything was OK and the actual time they squeezed the trigger. Definitely need some practice there.

4th November

This session had both live and dry fire Scatt machines running, and some tweaking of individuals positions to raise the overall level of the rifle.

  • Position. It's useful to put the butt of the rifle in your shoulder while holding the butt itself rather than the pistol grip. Then you can feel exactly where it goes and ensure it's in the same place every time.
  • Trigger. If possible, adjust your trigger so that:
    • excessive travel on first pressure is avoided.
    • your finger is square to the trigger after you have taken up first pressure.

Remaining session dates are:

9th December (not first Saturday as it clashes with our Christmas Shoot)

  • R Evans, EGTSC
  • K Ballard, Burgess Hill TSC

6th January 2018
3rd February
3rd March

Anyone wishing to attend any of these sessions should contact Mike Kettle.


The club coaches talk a lot about shooting technique and ways to practice it. Articles will be added to the site to provide a library that will allow you to review these at your leisure.

Rifles for Sale

There are a few members rifles for sale, so if you are in the market for your own rifle, speak to Peter Watson who will be able to advise.

Club Classified Ads

We now have a new section of the website where adverts can be placed for items that are for sale by members and others.You need to register if you want to place an ad. Registration is simple and your information will not be used for anything else. Click here to view.

The for sale pages of the website will be transferred to the "shop" shortly.

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