Secure Online Payment

Written by Administrator on Thursday December 13, 2018


First, visit the PayPal secure website at and read the Paypal information on security etc.

Some notes that may be of use

You DO NOT have to be a signed up member of PayPal to use the system. You can pay through Paypal just like any other online shop.

The information you give Paypal is the same as any other online shop (ie credit card details and security information like your address to allow them to authorise the transaction.)

When you have completed the checkout page, click on the "Submit Order" button.

Paypal Page 1

This is the Paypal guest checkout screen. At the top of the screen Paypal confirms the total amount to be paid.

If you are a member you can login to Paypal.

If you are not a Paypal member this is where you fill in all the normal details such as credit card details, address, email and telephone number. At the bottom there is tick box  for the privacy statement.

Click on the "Pay Now" button.

At anytime before clicking on the "PayNow" button you can cancel and return to the shop using the "Cancel and return to East Grinstead TSC" link right at the bottom of the page. 

Please note: If you do cancel the payment you will still get an email confirming the order has been submitted. However, I will not process the order as there will be no matching Paypal payment.

Paypal Page 2

This is the payment confirmation page and includes a copy of the invoice with "Paid" noted. There is a "Print PDF" button if you want to get a paper copy.

(These are the notes I made while testing the system. If there are any changes you think would be useful please send me an email.)